Like every good story, the one about The Roll is filled with many twists and turns. It all began many years ago when Grant came up with the idea to write a book. This wasn’t just any book, though - this one would be special. Not only would it ask the reader questions, but it would also be accompanied by music and contain graphic elements. And why did he want to take on this ambitious project? Well, he wanted to help the readers develop themselves. To take the next step in their journey. Help them realize their full potential. 


What Grant didn’t realize at that point, however, was that he would do exactly that but not in the way he had imagined. As you might understand, time passed and the idea turned into something else. It was no longer going to be just a book, but a social media platform. A website where members could share stories about their own development and help each other. It even reached the point where the business plan was pitched to investors. Although it did garner a lot of interest, Grant still felt that there was something missing.


One day it hit him. On the first day of coaching school, he had an epiphany. The path to success for this particular idea would involve not just coaching (the book) and a good structure (the social media platform), but also a digital tool. A solution that would make it easy for the coaches to manage their programs and focus on what they do best - to help people reach their goals! The idea for FLYT, The Roll’s e-coaching platform, was thus born.  


It would take many more years until the platform became a reality and by then both Inca and Deniz had joined the team. They were the tech experts Grant needed to compliment his own talent for people.


As the number of clients increased the trio soon realized the need for a project manager. That’s when Jens came into the picture. From the beginning, he was supposed to be responsible for the projects at Stockholm School of Economics but his role developed into something more as he showed the value he could provide. 


The coach network grew as well and that’s when Johanna was offered to manage that part of the business. With her excellent people skills, she is able to keep the network well-informed. Without our coaches, we would never be able to survive.


Although the company had grown a lot, that wasn’t enough. But for an organization to experience fantastic growth, you need somebody who’s responsible for selling the product. That’s why Michael joined the team. 


Shortly after that Richard became part of the tech team to help out with FLYT. With his excellent programming skills, he quickly became a valued team member.


To complement the sales and tech part of the business, Elin was hired to manage the marketing and The Roll’s new visual identity was thereby created.


As the business grew even more Patrich joined the team to help build the next version of FLYT, V2. With his broad knowledge of programming and tech, he was definitely the right person for the job.


This was the story of The Roll and FLYT up until now, but remember, this is only the beginning!