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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Most have heard those famous words from Nelson Mandela before, but what does education actually mean? 

Well, it's a tool that can be used to eliminate inequality, decrease poverty and 

create leaders of the future.

 Many of our fondest memories in life are from our student days. Some of our best friends, funniest stories and most important lessons were all learned during these years. They help you build the foundation for the rest of your life and can launch you to  a new level of success.


At the core of this experience is personal connection. From your professor to your classmates you are exposed to a range of new people and ideas that help to open your mind to new possibilities. These individuals shape you and inspire you to be better. The value of these new perspectives is to challenge you, help you make a new plan and give you a fresh perspective.

These are all benefits that

coaching also delivers.  


Getting to the next level requires investing in yourself and working hard towards your vision. 

Jane Goodall, the famous primatologist, didn’t just read in her books and called it a day, she strived for mastery at the highest level.  Going deep into the Gombe Stream National Park of Tanzania, a rich and beautiful sanctuary, she managed to take not only her own knowledge to the next level, but also that of her field. During 60 years she looked deeper, cared more, and ultimately carved her spot in history.


This is the path towards excellence, improving yourself every day and always seeking to grow. 

On this journey you have the opportunity to reflect on the steps you have taken and where you want to go. How to set yourself apart and the impact you want to make. You can define your next chapter and be the author of your destiny. When doing this, crafting the plan for your future, there's really nothing that can help you more than someone who can offer guidance and support.

 A coach can help you ensure that your next step is your best step.  


What separates the best from the rest? How do you develop as a professional and reach new heights? What are your signature strengths? Who are you truly? When pursuing your executive education these are the types of questions that matter, the types of questions that get you to the top of your field.


“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.” This powerful quote from Vince Lombardi shows what separates talented executives from those who thrive. A mindset which all those who have succeeded share. To become the best you have to want it, visualize it and work for it. 


But how do you develop this vision of yourself who reaches even the highest of goals? First of all, you need to know who you are and what your gifts allow you to do better than anyone else. You need a plan of action, a clear way forward. The ability to drive and motivate your team. Only then can you get the results you want.

Our coaches can help you

do exactly that in our 

Executive Coaching Programs. 

We provide Academic Coaching Programs ranging from a workshop to a multi-year program with the aim to develop excellent leadership,

job skills & professional presence in our students.

Want to know more?


  • Experienced coaches

  • Large academic programs (100+ participants) 

  • Personality profile using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® 

  • FLYT platform tracking progress & satisfaction 

  • Academic program management

  • A modern platform to track your programs 

  • Detailed personality breakdowns

  • Cutting edge neuroscience of leadership  

  • Feedback from your students &

  • Information about your students' job status 




The professional coaching from The Roll has been decisive for me to set up my own business and have the confidence to take on my dreams! To have a coach is like having a constant voice supporting you and challenging you to go further! Do not be satisfied with where you are, allow yourself to grow and reach higher!

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