Birgitta has a vast international experience as a leadership & people development consultant. She has lived and worked in different parts of Asia for many years and studied in the US. She is coaching and facilitating groups in the areas of cross-cultural communication, Emotional Intelligence, influencing, presentation-skills, neuro-leadership, stress & mindfulness, storytelling, change management, conflict & non-violent communication, and unconscious bias. 


Birgitta is passionate about neuro-plasticity - human resilience and the potential to grow, connect, collaborate & co-create as the flock animals we are. She believes in a strength-based approach and the necessity to create an environment of psychological safety to bring out the greatness in individuals and teams.


Birgitta’s philosophy is to create a Safe and Courageous space! Safety: trust, non-judgment, vulnerability, authenticity and unconditional positive regard. Courage: to be honest, do be with discomfort, to bring out all the human messiness, to dare to try, and fail, to step into the unknown, expand, to dare to step into ones power.





  • PCC, ICF

  • EQ-i2.0

  • TESI (Team Emotional & Social Intelligence)

  • Hardiness Resilience Gauge

  • Team Diagnostic (Team coaching)

  • MBTI

  • DISC

  • Big5 


PCC with 10 years of coaching experience

Global trainer and facilitator

EQ-expert since 2010


Expat coach and intercultural trainer


Coming soon!




The professional coaching from The Roll has been decisive for me to set up my own business and have the confidence to take on my dreams! To have a coach is like having a constant voice supporting you and challenging you to go further! Do not be satisfied with where you are, allow yourself to grow and reach higher!

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