Grant is the CEO of The Roll and the head coach at the Stockholm School of Economics. He has over 25 years of experience and his coaching approach is to empower people and organizations to realize their full potential.


Johanna has a background in management and HR and is also qualified in conflict management. Her coaching philosophy is that our mental limits are what hold us back from reaching our goals and by changing our mindset we can thus grow. 


Evelina is an experienced coach with a fantastic track record in the PR and communications industry. She is for example skilled in developing leadership, facilitating communication and improve media



Stina is a coach at the Stockholm School of Economics. She has over two decades of business development and leadership training experience. She is especially passionate about developing young people. 


Peter has over two decades of international and national human capital management experience including leadership and talent development, change management, executive recruitment and on boarding, team-building and more. 


Christelle is focused on French and English speaking professionals. She works with individuals in the areas of career growth and leadership development. She has deep experience in marketing, branding and leadership in large international organizations. 


Birgitta has vast international experience as a leadership & people development consultant. She has lived and worked in different parts of Asia & studied in the USA. She is passionate about the power of neuro-plasticity & human potential.


Catherine is a global leadership & transition coach. She works with both individuals & teams in leadership development, personal growth, strategy development, personal growth, emotional intelligence and trainsitions.


Ulla is a business and leadership coach who works with individual leaders & teams. Her coaching usually covers leadership, team development, emotional intelligence, goals & targets. In all her coaching people are the core that drives results.


Karin is passionate about people. After starting her own company, she has been facilitating change and development within organizations as a consultant & change leader. She believes when it comes to change attitude is everything!


Inyang is focused on sustainability, business, and executive coaching. She wants to develop successful leadership in combination with a healthy lifestyle. Balance is very important to her!


Liene is an experienced facilitator, leadership and organizational change coach. To her, the aspect

of leadership spans from being a friend or neighbor to being the CEO of a company. She believes experience is the best way to learn and grow.


Robert has over 15 years of experience in the Human Resource field and has worked with, for example, talent development, strategy and management. He's definitely a people's



Michèle has over 20 years of human capital consulting experience. She has worked with for example talent development and leadership facilitation, both in the private and public sector.