Christelle Pottinger

Christelle is a career coach focusing on French and English-speaking professionals. She works with individuals in the areas of career growth and leadership development. In her coaching, she brings a wealth of experience of having worked as a marketeer and leader in medium and large international corporations. She understands the internal dynamics and challenges of the corporate world, and the pressure on employees and managers to adapt to change and perform.

According to her, coaching is a powerful tool to maximize human potential and to grow sustainable businesses. Being an ex-pat herself, having lived in three countries, she knows what it takes to integrate into a new culture and the difficulties that can arise from leading multicultural teams. Furthermore, Christelle has a strategic and analytical mindset. In her coaching, she strives in making complex things simple, being concrete and achieving results. She has a warm yet professional attitude.



  • ACC ICF Certified
  • DISC Certified


  • Experienced career & leadership coach
  • International mindset
  • 15 years in corporate organizations
  • Leadership positions in marketing
  • Multi-cultural team experience

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