Grant Calder

Grant Calder is the CEO of The Roll AB, a Leadership, Career & Team Development Consultancy working with companies, universities, and private clients. He is a European Partner of the U.S. company Paragon Leadership International. He is also the Head Coach at the Stockholm School of Economics for the programs: Stockholm EMBA LeadershipLive, MSc. in Finance Career Development Acceleration, Affiliated Career & Job Placement Coaching & Clinics for all SSE Undergraduate & MSc. Programs.

He leads a team of 15 coaches in different programs and has personally been coaching 750 Clients 1-1 from 50+ countries across multiple industries. His most recent evaluation in 2019 from 20 surveyed participants was 9.36 out of 10. Grant’s Mission is to Empower People and Organizations to Realize Their Full Potential™

Grant is an American from New York City, who has been living and working in Stockholm Sweden since 2000.

Grant’s Coaching Approach is to Empower Organizations and People to Realize Their Full Potential customizes using L&D themes and content with the latest Coaching innovations, methods, and frameworks. He offers a packaged modular system of coaching sessions with tools, templates, and frameworks, which can be combined and customized to an organization and individual’s specific developmental needs. He combines high level verbal coaching with Assessments, Solution Specific Pre-Assignments, Practical Action Oriented Tools, Coaching Data, Evaluation, Feedback, Coaching Session Notes and Accountability Reporting.


  • Fast Track Core Essentials Coaching Degree
  • CareerLeader
  • MBTI
  • LEA 360
  • LEA Strategic Directions
  • LEA Role Expectations
  • LEA Culture
  • IDI (Individual Directions Inventory)
  • 5 Dysfunctions of A Team Assessment


  • Coached 750+ clients from 50+ countries
  • Head Coach at the Stockholm School of Economics
  • Successful serial-entrepreneur
  • Developed many leadership, process design & facilitation programs
  • Extensive experience in all areas of coaching & leadership development

“It was very valuable to be challenged in thinking out of the box, widening my perspectives and find solutions sometimes outside my comfort zone. I was very impressed by how the coach [The Roll Coach], through a mix of knowledge, extensive experience and a high level of personal engagement, managed to make me feel I was walking out of each session having achieved something positive. Sometimes small steps and sometimes large steps forward, but always steps forward.”

Kerstin Petterson - Telia

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