Robert Zmijewski

Robert is a Polish, Swedish double national with over 15 years of experience in leading HR agenda within large multi-national environments, including people management, performance management, organization development, change management, engagement, recruitment, training, and coaching. As a coach he helps individuals in their career and individual growth development.

He embraces the “glass is half full and not half empty” approach and believes there is always a solution for any problem the organization and/or the individual faces. His ambition as a business professional and coach is that those he works with grow and continuously reach higher as professionals.

Robert, with his long and real experience in driving the change in the corporate and organizational context, understands the dynamics of it and the impact it brings on those affected by it. He has been working with business leaders and teams in ensuring the smooth transitions and adaptation to the new realities without negative consequences on team morale and its performance.



  • ICF Coach Diploma
  • Hogan Assessment Systems
  • Diploma in Psychology in Organizational Development
  • Master's degree in HR management


19 years of multinational HR leadership experience

9 years of HR executive leadership experience in the Nordic region

10+ years of individual and team development process experience

10+ years of leading organizational development

12+ years of team management experience

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