Ulla Hemmi

Ulla is a business and leadership coach who works with individual leaders as well as teams. The coaching can either follow a program or be based on specific topics like conflict management or business development.

People’s ability to grow is something Ulla strongly believes in. Everyone can achieve challenging growth targets with the right help. Understanding the environment, building strong relationships, and step outside of one’s comfort zone are all core aspects of this.

Furthermore, Ulla is both good at seeing the big picture as well as digging into the details. She has a knack for analyzing the situation hand as well as thinking strategically and planning for the long-term future.




22 years of coaching experience

Worked with 2 Start-Ups & 3 financial turnarounds

30 years of international experience

Executive management experience within sales, marketing & outsourcing

20+ years of executive management exp,

6 years as a CEO

Build on the leadership capabilities within your organization

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