Strategies for the development and transformation of individuals, teams, and organizations are at the core of Inyang´s professional competencies. This is done through coaching, training, and change management. Her strengths are to see opportunities, support growth, and encourage innovation.

Inyang also has many years of experience at senior level management, with financial-, operational-, and staff responsibilities within mainly the ISO certifications, training, and environmental consulting field. She has a direct, supportive, and coaching management style, encouraging staff to take responsibility, learn, and develop in their roles. She helps high performers so they are resilient, can set boundaries, and implement healthy habits enabling them to keep doing the work they enjoy.






  • Academic Life Coach

  • DISC

  • Forest Stewardship

  • Train the Trainer


20 years of coaching, 8 as a certified ICF Coach

Elite Sports Nutritionist

Head of Section for Training and Personnel Certifications

Chancellor and President for the Swedish Inventor Association (2017-2018)

Mentor for a technical Start-up at Sting and Norrsken


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“I participated in a leadership program designed and executed by Inyang for a six month period. This process was transformative on many levels and helped to catapult me into the position of being a confident leader with a balanced life. What is unique about Inyang is that she is so tuned when it comes to helping you identify the life that YOU want to live and she effortlessly identifies patterns where your actions are not in line with this vision. From there, she helps you identify new patterns and habits that you can adopt to your personal superhighway towards success. Even though the focus was on developing my professional leadership skills, the tools that Inyang uses could be applied in all aspects of my life."