With a professional start within HR, Johanna grew to become an experienced line

manager with a coaching leadership approach. Today she is a passionate life and career coach working in an international environment with individuals in a range of occupations and seniority levels.


Johanna is genuinely interested in leadership issues and group dynamics, as well as

a person's inner ability to find solutions and develop under the right conditions. 


She strongly believes that what prevents us from growth and development are the limits we have formed in our brains.The solution to our challenges is there to find inside of us – we do know the answer. But we need the time and space for reflection and someone who is listening and giving the right and challenging questions. This is the mission of the coach: To listen. To words and to silence. And to ask the right questions at the right time.





  • ICF Certified Coach (ACC)

  • Diploma in Conflict Management

  • Diploma in Transformational Leadership

  • Diploma in Facilitation

  • Occupational Personality Questionnaire

  • Motivational Questionnaire

  • Licensed Individual Trainer


Coached clients from several continents

Line Manager in one of Sweden's largest

public authorities

Project manager in an EU project

Individual and Group Trainer

Background in HR, specialized in

recruitment and benefits




For me, coaching was very important for mainly three reasons. Firstly, during my sessions with Johanna I gained more insights into myself and how I really want to spend my professional life and personal life and tools for managing the balance between the two which was incredibly valuable. The second reason I found it valuable was to identify individual strengths (and weaknesses) which was incredibly valuable for personal development and to be able to learn more about oneself and to be able to identify future opportunities in professional and personal life. Thirdly, and one of the most professionally satisfying parts of having a coach, there is someone who asks pointed questions, makes you think one step further in all situations regarding development, professional questions and motivation. To have someone who really wants you to succeed and kindly questions, make you ponder and reflect further about questions regarding all-things professional and private has been invaluable."