Leadership Development 

We provide Leadership Development Programs ranging from a workshop to a multi-year program with the aim to create the leaders of the future,  cultivate high performers and develop leadership in top executives.

The fact that a great leader is important has probably escaped nobody. Without Bill Gates, Microsoft would never have become the company that it is today. Without Steve Jobs, we wouldn’t have iPhones. Without Elizabeth I, the world wouldn’t look the same as it does now. Leaders have an impact. Successful leadership is essential. 


However, a leader is nothing without his or her team. The reality is that one person can’t do it all on their own. We are group animals. We need a team to not only achieve our goals but also to feel supported as we do. Would the alpha wolf be anything without his pack? No. It’s, therefore, not only crucial to enable the growth of the leader of an organization, but also the team. Leadership development for us is not just about the captain of the ship, it’s about the whole crew. 


But what are the characteristics of a fantastic team? First of all, they stay focused on goals and results. It’s easy to get distracted when you work with other people. Life gets in the way. Discussions often end up being about how people’s weekends went rather than actual work-related tasks. Second of all, amazing teams stay organized. When there’s a lot going on, things often get messy. To be able to do everything the team sets out to do, the chaos at least needs to be structured. Another thing that’s important is to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each and everyone in the team. We are all good at different things and learning to utilize these natural distinctions facilitate success. Even Michael Jordan passes the ball to Steve Kerr for the open 3-point shot.  

Leadership is the capacity to

translate vision into reality

Warren G. Bennis

Nonetheless, to be able to work together toward a certain goal the team also needs to have a clear vision. Where are we going and why? Vagueness and uncertainty lead to paralysis. Would you drive at full speed if you didn’t even know where the road was taking you? Probably not. This is where training comes into the picture. It’s not uncommon to think in a way that’s similar to this: “What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave us?”. Well, then we would just like to pose the question: what happens if you don’t and they stay?  


It can be hard to develop a team using just internal resources, though. An outsider has a much better opportunity to actually change what needs to be changed and encourage what needs to be encouraged. Especially if this person has previous experience in team and leadership development. Our team consists of highly capable and accomplished coaches that can help you take your team and organization to the next level. 

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  • Problems, needs, goals & solution analysis 

  • Tailored program objectives, curriculum, and format 

  • Integration with organization’s personnel and schedule

  • Materials for pre-assignments

  • Team of leadership development coaches  

  • Group learning – Remote & Live 

  • Individual coaching – Remote & Live 

  • Hive coaching – Remote & Live 

  • Coach training for leader

  • Personality assessments

  • Flyt Coaching Software Management

  • Coaching Session Prep forms 

  • Private coaching session notes provided by coaches

  • Pulse surveys and program evaluations 

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The professional coaching from The Roll has been decisive for me to set up my own business and have the confidence to take on my dreams! To have a coach is like having a constant voice supporting you and challenging you to go further! Do not be satisfied with where you are, allow yourself to grow and reach higher!