Executive coaching

Transformative executive coaching for high performing professionals

Work on the personal, professional and organizational vision to, among other things, strengthen organizational efficiency. Our coaches work with individuals to gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential, and act as a sounding board. Executive level leadership development aims to have a long-lasting, positive impact on individuals, organizations and society.

Types of executive coaching goals

Translate vision into reality

Our world-class executive coaches provide individuals with the time and space to reflect, share their concerns and bounce-off ideas with a trusted external expert, to become better and more resilient leaders.

Role transition

Moving to a bigger role means a mind-set shift. Leaders need to be prepared, confident and capable to lead to succeed.

Executive development

An effective tool to strengthen leadership vision, build on self awareness amongst leaders and invest in the organization.

Coaching leadership

Coaching leadership means the leader inspires, supports and focusses on reaching the teams full potential through the continuous focus on individual development of team members.

Coaching area

What is executive coaching?

An executive coach must not be mistaken for a consultant (although many have consulting or therapist backgrounds). They usually refrain from giving advice or solving their clients’ problems. Instead, they ask questions to help executives clarify and solve their own problems.

invest in top talent

When to hire an executive coach?

Companies hire executive coaches as a way to invest in their top executives and high potentials.

Executives are often recommended a coach as part of a development program. Commonly the individual is promoted (role transition coaching), faces certain challenges, or goes through organizational changes. And yes, coaches are still hired to correct behavioral problems and help leaders resolve interpersonal conflicts.

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Our team is here to help your organisation thrive

A coach can facilitate development and challenge individuals in ways teams would not feel comfortable doing. The Roll coaches have executive experience themselves and can relate to struggles in the organization and help individuals to the next level.

Our coaching and consulting services are tailored to your organization’s needs. Services, big or small, will empower you with our knowledge network of professionals ready to support you and your team reach your full potential!

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Customer love

Don't take it from us, take it from our customers.

“In my view I see two important aspects of successful leadership. The first aspect is to understand yourself in order to be able to understand others. Secondly, to know what you want. Both are things that the right coaching could support you with.”
Vice president and CTO, Seco tools
“It was very valuable to be challenged in thinking out of the box, widening my perspectives and find solutions sometimes outside my comfort zone.”
Kerstin Petterson
B2B Sourcing Lead, Telia
“Coaching by The Roll has had a great positive impact and supported me to move forward to become a sustainable leader.”
Ylva Schullström
Lead Developer, Nordea