Tina H

Personal development has always been a red thread in Tina's life. Learning, inspiring, developing, and paying it forward is her driving force and it also gives her a sense of meaning. It's, therefore,  no wonder that she eventually ended up as a coach!

It took her a while to find her way, though, and it was at a crossroads in her life that her interest in coaching was sparked. That's when she realized that coaching unlocks potential, makes you aware, and makes you take responsibility. That it creates sustainable results and change.

Apart from that, Tina also has a great interest in mental training and is passionate about people and behavior. One of the best feelings, according to her,  is when a client reaches a breakthrough and sees the results that they have been working hard to accomplish.





  • ICF

  • MBTI


Experienced in business-, leadership,

and career coaching 
Experienced in conflict management 
Specialized in self-leadership development- coaching, workshops, and lectures 
Public speaker 
Background in marketing & communications 


Coming soon!




“Tina is sharp, empathetic, and understanding, which gave me a feeling of security and confidence. She is good at listening and summarizing thoughts and feelings. Tina is goal-oriented in her coaching and does not hesitate to be clear about where we are going in coaching. Good tools were used during the coaching - tools that I can reuse in everyday life. Tina is very supportive and energetic”