Ulla is a business and leadership coach who works with individual leaders on 1-2-1 basis as well as teams. The individual coaching is always designed to the coachee’s experience and position and could include following of a program (1st time managers) or coaching in a specific topic as understanding sales methodologies or conflict handling. For executives, coaching is based on their everyday challenges and the topic is chosen by the coachee. 


Team coaching usually cover subjects as leadership or team development, change management and implementation, business strategies, plans and targets, emotional intelligence. In all these areas people are in core, either as employees or clients.


Ulla believes strongly in people’s ability to grow, add value to their businesses and achieve challenging growth targets. Understanding the environment, building strong relationships in the team, company, clients and the community, get encouraged to step outside one’s comfort zone and reaching both targets and full personal potential.


She can analyze a situation from distance and understands the big picture but also how to dig into details and think strategically. Ulla is as put by one of former direct reports “proactive, result oriented and decisive leader. Ulla is always clear and direct in her communication and does not shy away from making tough decisions and enforcing them. I was particularly impressed by Ulla’s genuine interest in mentoring and coaching which is truly valuable when it comes to developing team members.”





  • Coaching, ICF Diploma

  • LeadForward & TeamPro

  • Strength Deployment Inventory

  • Appreciative Inquiry

  • Understanding Groups & Leadership Facilitator


22 years of coaching experience

Worked with 2 Start-Ups & 3 financial turnarounds

30 years of international experience

Executive management experience within sales, marketing & outsourcing

20+ years of executive management exp,

6 years as a CEO


Coming soon!




“Ulla is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener, and highly pragmatic. She has tremendous experience in a wide area of organizations across many cultures. Her coaching consisted to offer a view of my personal work situation swiftly. She reviewed my strengths and my areas for improvement and helped me to build a growth plan to strengthen my career. She was extremely helpful in developing me to step up to manage the team I was an individual contributor too first. Ulla is both an advisor and a coach to me. I’m very grateful to work with her and highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to transform their career.”

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