Proven success

The track record of a winner

Do you want to work with the best? Then you have found the right people. There’s a reason why we’re in charge of running over 6 programs at the Stockholm School of Economics and why we are working with the SSE Executive Education Team (Ranked #1 in the Nordics by the Financial Times) as their leadership coaching partner.


We have, of course, also done successful programs in the corporate & start-up ecosystems. From top corporate leaders at global firms like Ericsson & Thompson Reuters to world-changing investment funds like Summa Equity, we are pushing leaders to perform at their best - making sure that your program is a measurable success.


Accomplished coaches and a fantastic platform

The saying "quality over quantity" couldn't suit us better and our value stems from two sources - our people and our platform. The Roll’s coaching network consists of more than 20 handpicked coaches, all with different experiences and strengths but with one thing in common – they understand your business. The over 10,000 hours of coaching we have delivered is proof of that. No matter where in the world you

are - we are there for you.

In addition, our coaching platform is truly one of a kind. Not only can it track progress and thereby help measure success, but it is also easy to use for you as a client. Having one single point of contact to manage the leadership program, facilitates planning, and communication in order to save you time.


A science-based methodology

A spirit of knowledge is deeply engrained in how we develop professionals and conduct our work with the aim to leverage the best research, tools, and insights of today to develop the leaders of tomorrow. In our programs we leverage proven leadership models (Lencioni & others), coaching methodologies (GROW-Model & others), neuroscience based assessments & assignments (Your Brain at Work & Others), personality profiles (MBTI & more), fulfilment & happiness research (PERMA Model) and many other models depending

on the specific needs of our clients & the situation they are facing.


Furthermore, we carefully design the flow of different sessions to build upon each other and conduct After Action Reviews to measure the sustainable impact of our solutions.


Pick and choose the features you want

We know that finding a leadership or coaching program can e just as hard as finding the right size in a clothing store and that's why we’ve completely retired the attitude of one size fits all. Do you want a program that spans over several years or just a couple of weeks? We can do both and everything in-between.

Another thing that’s important when picking a leadership program is your objectives. Perhaps you want to develop your leaders, or maybe it’s your team that’s not functioning perfectly. Whatever it might be, we are here to help. We also always provide our clients with valuable tools and concrete knowledge they can use in a number of different situations. Doing a program with us is sustainable - not just a short term quick-fix.

Co-creating the perfect solution together with you we pick the coaches in our network with the right experience and capabilities. The fact that organizational buyers ranging from academic institutions like SSE to start-ups to scaleups to established businesses continue to pick us is not just a coincidence. They want the same perfect fit as you do.